November 27, 2015

Upgraded CNC Router

New 3050mm x 2125mm CNC router improves production capacity.

It only seems like yesterday that we got our last router but after 3 years our needs have changed. We are very proud to have taken delivery of a brand new 3050mm x 2125mm AXYZ CNC router. To the uninitiated a router like this allows us to cut all manner of weird and wonderful shapes from almost any sheet materials, which is just perfect for those stylish stood off logos and making curved walls.

This latest machine now includes a massive bed size to accommodate almost all material sheet sizes. It offer’s a multi-tool changer to make complicated designs much easier to produce and the larger more powerful head improves speed accuracy and edge finish. All in this is another step forward for our manufacturing and the services we can offer to both our exhibition based clients and also to other firms who appreciate our dedicated cutting skills. If you need anything cut give us call now_