Exhibition Design

From concept to installation, we do it all. Utilising 3D software we create detailed CAD models of the designs and high-definition renders and animations for the perfect exhibition design. After discussing your needs one of our designers will start by creating some simple 3D visuals or sketches. From here we will evolve the design to your liking. For many projects we will then provide virtual tours of the stand in the form of a video. This feature that is normally only seen on the larger high end projects can help to fully visualise the stand before it is built.

It goes without saying that the design of a stand is key to your success at a show. Our advantage is that the same person designing your stand will be organising the construction. With some companies you might be speaking to one person who then subcontracts the design to another company and then the construction goes to someone different yet again. Our designers, managers and workshop staff are all within 50ft of each other.

It also helps that our stands and booths have won design awards around the globe for all stands from large double decks to small shell schemes. Good design creates success_


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