London Olympics 2012 Procter and Gamble

January 15, 2016

London Olympics 2012 Procter and Gamble

In 2012 we were overjoyed to be involved creating themed areas for Procter and Gamble in the USA Team Family Venue at the London Olympics, including Duracell Batteries and Pampers_

First Exhibition Services London Olympics 2012 Duracell Batteries Stand

As part of a huge Procter and Gamble project to completely renovate and theme a massive London venue, we were required to build many items such as 4m high exact replicas of Duracell Batteries with inset LCD screens and a large video wall. Other details here included long organically curved walls (not a fixed radius in sight) and bespoke seating.

In other areas of the building we built walls, fencing and fake trees all to contain the children of the USA Athletes in the Pampers Playground. We also built the Tide area where Athletes and their families could drop off their washing. The whole venue had a great buzz and it was a once in a lifetime event where our in house skills including computer controlled manufacture, spray painting, graphics and skilled bespoke carpentry really came to the fore_

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