January 9, 2016


We would love to take all the credit for this stand but this was done in very close partnership with out friends upstairs, In2Events, for the Horticultural Trades Association_

As you can hopefully see this is a case of a simple stand done right. Attention to detail makes a stand like this create a great impression, two tone floor, green on green graphics and well selected furnishings lets a visitor know simply that you care. Sometimes that is just what’s needed.

We often find that renders given out do not always match the finished product. Over use of glossy materials and special effects like lens flare all combine to make a great presentation but all too often the render is then passed onto a separate contractor who builds the stand to a price. We like to think that our stands will always look like the renders we produce…. What you see is what you get, have a look below and judge for yourself_

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