Disruptive Technologies

July 25, 2017

Disruptive Technologies

One of Norways' hottest start ups, Disruptive Technologies, chose First Exhibition Services to Showcase their fantastic new sensors at Viva Technology 2017 in Paris. Subsequent shows in London and Amsterdam have shown the flexibility that bespoke builds can have_

This stand was built using all manner or high end finishes to create a stand that oozed quality. Semi-gloss spray finish surfaces really stood out against competitors and neighbouring stands. Our photos don’t  do justice to this great stand.

Small details like bespoke hand built stools and tables in the shape of Disruptive Technologies’ sensor product made all the difference. So durable have the items here proved, that they have been reused at two more shows in London and Amsterdam before being shipped off to various offices around Europe to serve a second life as long term demo units.

Click on a couple of the close up photos showing the grooved walls with a quality finish you can touch_

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