Carte Blanche – Me To You

October 21, 2018

Carte Blanche – Me To You

This stand was created for Carte Blanche and their iconic brand Me To You; at the Brand licencing show 2019.

It is always fun to work with a company with such a distinctive brand as Tatty Teddy and Me To You. Designed in house utilising the great artwork provided by our clients we were able to make these drawings come to life.

We used LED lighting, layered graphics and various textures to create a warm and welcoming stand just like its central character. A cute stand for a cute guy.

Traditional laminating often leaves very visible black lines on the edges. We feel this is unsightly and where ever possible we will use other techniques to get round this problem. Here we spray painted the reception to give a seamless high end finish.

Then because we dont like miss matched whites, the rest of the stand was sprayed the same white. This avoids using different white materials on different surfaces, an issue that happens on so many stands and shows a lack of attention to detail.

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