Carte Blanche – All Creatures

October 21, 2019

Carte Blanche – All Creatures

This great stand has been created for our client Carte Blanche for their All Creatures brand of soft toy. As a high end product they needed a stand to match.

This stand was created by Cecilia, our newest designer, to match the feel of this brand new product range. Especially with this small space it was important to create an environment to compliment the product.We used simple organic materials with some light design touches to create a high end feel.

The walls were plain MDF, taken to the next level by sprayed with a clear lacquer.

For shelves we sourced specialist triple layered cardboard that would allow us to form this into shelves. A simple idea that looks great but involved a large amount research and testing to ensure that this was a quality finished product. Our skilled team made sure that this complex display looked easy.

Throughout the stand build attention to detail was the key for this installation.

From the spray painted picket fence to the high quality artificial grass our team made sure that every detail was thought out and presented in the best possible way.

After completion we were on hand the next day to help setting the product out and ensure those final touches were taken care of to create the stand you can see bellow!

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