July 14, 2018


We like all our stands but the Capita build really showcases our ability to provide first class stands.

On this one we worked with our close partners IN 2 Events to produce a fantastic stand for Capita @ Bett 2018, ExCel, London.

Importantly for us this show let us use many of the skills, techniques and tools built up over the past 17 years.

Featuring full LED remote controlled lighting, bespoke massive angled banner, a 6m x 3.5m video wall, disply units that were spray painted, edgebanded and had electronic secret doors that ppoped open with the wave of a card,  and not least two long walls to give a seamless 3D graphic relief.

Here you can see the LED lighting rig, provided, installed and programmed by FES.
Allowing the customer to have different lighting scenes and effects raises the quality and feel of the stand beyond compare. Lights can be programmed to change colour exactly matching logos and branding. These changes can be done instantly from the floor with no need for gels or lifts.

Small details matter! Spay painted desks give a quality feel without the black lines associated with other finishes.

Then solid durable doors and panels with a real wood grain set  these desks apart.

Of course if the doors open with a swipe of a card or fob then the high end feel is complete!

Edge lit angled feature walls would be nice enough.........

But we even machined into them the clients buzz words to provide a visual impact that drove the message home.

On this stand there were features around every corner that attracted attention from all who visited.

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