January 22, 2016


Family favourites for over 60 years, Birdseye have been providing healthy, natural, freshly frozen for generations_

First Exhibition Services Birdseye Stand

New client Birds Eye commissioned us to design a demonstration unit to be used at a range of events around the UK. We created a unit that included everything that was needed but also ensured that no compromises were made on materials so that it could be reused many times without the need for refurbishment. Carrying on our use of  innovative materials there were numerous touches that made this product compliment the clients own image:

Colour core gloss laminate – eliminates black lines often found on square edges of laminated desks to give a seamless look.

30mm thick Spectrum perspex for the logo- No flimsy sheet of plastic this logo stands proud of the front desk and gives a perfectly even seamless glowing logo.

Bespoke brushed stainless steel worktop – hand moulded to the desk allows quick clean up and no cracks for waste to get trapped.

Obviously with a freezer included this unit is heavy, so with an eye towards budget for our client we made a bespoke crate and miniature pallet truck. This enables one person to install the unit safely on their own, reducing damage and, with seven shows so far, dramatically cutting install costs_



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