November 17, 2016

Alemba Fusion Las Vegas / US tour _

Check out this stand in a box! After using us for their UK shows Alemba asked us to build a Mini stand to tour America in shows they have there.

This was built in the UK and airfreighted in one crate to Las Vegas for the Fusion show 2016@ MGM.  Having done its first show it is now being stored locally before another member of our team flys out to install it at another show in the new year. There are three shows in its first six months but with the durability to last many more.

This simple but clean and professional booth stands out against the host of aluminium identikit systems typically used here. The bespoke build means that the panels are reusable high wear items with quality materials.

Doesn’t your brand deserve a bespoke image, even in the States?

Many people find it hard to believe we can build stands in the UK and install them in the States without costing a small fortune. Our knowledge and experience mean that you need only one contractor for your world exhibiting needs, big or small. The peace of mind having a trusted supplier cannot be underestimated and if we can beat the price of local suppliers then all the better_

Come over and see the booth at its next stop Pink 2017, Bellagio, Las Vegas.